Sandy Alcantara rumors: 4 monster trade packages to get the Marlins to budge

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Sandy Alcantara rumors have begun thanks to a tweet, and these four monster trade packages could be a preview of what the Miami Marlins would receive.

The American League Cy Young winner Justin Verlander left the Houston Astros for the New York Mets this offseason. Suddenly, Sandy Alcantara rumors are swirling. Could the Miami Marlins ace play for a different team next season, too?

The Sandy Alcantara rumors began with a single tweet. An hourglass emoji has non-Marlins fans hopeful their ball club can snag him.

Signed through 2027 on a steal of a contract, Alcantara might be one of the most valuable trade chips out there. Fresh off of a fantastic season as he continues to add to his resume, the Marlins could field all sorts of monster trade offers in exchange for him.

1) Sandy Alcantara rumors: A monster trade package from the Cardinals

Alcantara wouldn’t have played for the Marlins if it wasn’t for the St. Louis Cardinals. One of the big pieces sent to Miami in the Marcell Ozuna trade, the Cardinals could be in the market to sell off a couple of pieces to bring him back to their organization. We know they liked him at one point. Why not correct a mistake and look to trade for him? This might be the kind of offer the Marlins could be looking for:

Cardinals Get
Sandy Alcantara
Marlins Get
Nolan Gorman
Gordon Graceffo
Matthew Liberatore
3 other players

The full trade would send the Marlins Nolan Gorman, Matthew Liberatore, Alec Burleson, Ivan Herrera, and Alec Willis to Miami for Alcantara. The six-for-one is a huge trade, and it’s one that can completely alter the direction for both franchises. The Cardinals get better immediately. The Marlins suddenly have a couple of good young bats for their starting lineup.

Every player the Cardinals are giving up in this deal is expendable. The only holdup might be if the Marlins insist that Jordan Walker, Masyn Winn, or Dylan Carlson must be included. The Marlins could play hardball and demand at least one of those three is included. Perhaps if St. Louis was willing to take on the contract of Jorge Soler or Avisail Garcia, they can get away with keeping those three.

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