3 left field options better than Aaron Hicks for the Yankees to pursue

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These three trade targets would be much better options for the New York Yankees in left field than Aaron Hicks.

Open up a phone book at your grandparents’ house, point to a name, and you will probably land on a more preferred choice for the New York Yankees in left field than Aaron Hicks. The team plans to go forward with him as their starting left fielder next year.

Fans remain hopeful Brian Cashman is wearing a poker face and has something else planned. The Yankees can’t possibly believe he is their best choice. When he’s not injured, he’s barely productive. It’s time to cut bait and move on.

Looking outside of the Yankees organization, there are some better options out there for them to consider. While costly to varying degrees, these three outfielders would fit in well for the Yankees and give them an improvement over Hicks.

1) Bryan Reynolds is the most logical Yankees upgrade for left field

Yankees fans will not stop with the Bryan Reynolds talk until he becomes completely unavailable to them. The Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder would be a blockbuster addition for them. He has already requested a trade from Pittsburgh. The only thing left to do is get the two sides to talk and cut a deal.

The Pirates roster is coming along nicely with young stars such as Ke’Bryan Hayes and ONeill Cruz on the infield. A trade for Reynolds will need to give the Pirates at least one pitcher and bat they can hope to have on the major league roster within the next two seasons. Unfortunately, New York doesn’t have too many notable young arms. Maybe the already MLB-experienced Luis Gil is it.

Reynolds doesn’t reach free agency until after the 2025 season. He has shown he’s worth a prospect haul that will put a dent in the farm system. He’d be the dream addition to the Yankees roster. If unable to acquire him, there are two other players to take a look at.

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