Updated NFC Playoff Picture after another unbelievable Vikings comeback

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Here’s an updated look at the NFC Playoff Picture and NFC Wild Card standings after yet another thrilling Minnesota Vikings comeback in Week 16.

The NFL Playoff Picture looks it’s going to be a photo finish in terms of who gets in and where everyone stands when the dust settles.

No team in the league is better equipped to deal with photo finishes than the Minnesota Vikings.

The story with the Vikings these last few seasons has been how many times they’ve landed on the wrong side of one-score games. We’re getting a glimpse of the alternate universe where the Vikings end up on the right side, only fantasy is reality for fans in Minnesota.

A week after embarking on the biggest comeback in NFL history — erasing a 33-0 halftime deficit to the Colts — Cardiac Cousins and the Vikings were back at it again. This time the New York Giants wound up on the wrong side of whatever weird fate that’s bending breaks the way of Minnesota.

Daniel Joseph nailed a 61-yard field goal to send the Vikings to their 11th win of the season and sink the Giants back to the brink of the NFC Wild Card standings.

Minnesota enters its final two games with a very real chance at securing the No. 1 seed. Philadelphia holds a two-game lead over Minnesota, owning a critical tiebreaker by way of a Week 2 ass-whooping the Eagles gave the Vikings. To lose the No. 1 seed, Philly would need to lose out, but the Eagles might play their last few games without MVP-candidate Jalen Hurts under center.

That’s bad news, but the good news is Gardner Minshew might be the best backup quarterback in the NFL and steps into an offense that he doesn’t have to try hard to make his magic work.

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