LeBron James on which goes in the bowl first: Cereal or milk

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LeBron James has never backed down from answering the big questions. Like whether cereal or milk should go in the bowl first.

Sports debates can get heated, with strong opinions on all sides. But not since the great “hot dog is/is not a sandwich” wars of 2020 have we seen as much passion as the question of what goes in the bowl first — cereal or milk?

The dominant style appears to be to start with the cereal, but golfer Collin Morikawa goes milk first. Sebastian Vettel goes cereal first. Until recently, Kylie Jenner left out the milk altogether. But now we’ve heard from the GOAT about how NBA champions prepare a bowl of cereal.

Which Lakers join LeBron and put cereal in the bowl before the milk?

The Los Angeles Lakers seem to be united as a team here, with Thomas Bryant offering perhaps the most complete answer:

"“Of course you put the cereal in first and then you put the milk in because you gotta let the cereal set first. You gotta let the sugar get into it, so when the milk gets in the milk gets all the sugary goodness right there. So that way right at the end, that’s when you just drink it up. It ain’t get too complicated after that. Trust me, it’s the right way.”"

Maybe this is another case of incredible leadership by LeBron, guiding a team of young up-and-comers with his veteran experience and wisdom. Or maybe he’s right that only a lunatic would put the milk in the bowl first.

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