Tony Romo gets roasted for giving Josh Allen the worst playoff nickname

Tony Romo, Josh Allen (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Tony Romo, Josh Allen (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

Tony Romo tried to pay Josh Allen a compliment with a new nickname, but we’re pretty sure this one isn’t going to stick… yet. 

In his young NFL career, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen has played six NFL playoff games in January. His 3-3 record is apparently enough to earn him the title of “Mr. January,” that is, if you ask CBS color commentator Tony Romo.

To be fair, Allen does have a 106.6 passer rating, an average of over 285 yards per game, 14 touchdowns and 1 interception, but in January the thing that matters most is simple: Wins. To give Allen such a nickname while calling the first quarter of the Wild Card game between the Dolphins and Bills was probably a bit of a leap.

Nicknames used to mean something! They were earned!

Of course, if what he meant was that Allen has yet to get his team to February, well, that’s technically true.

Fans were not a fan of this nickname and took to Twitter to roast Romo for naming him that.

Fans roast Tony Romo for giving Josh Allen the nickname of “Mr. January”

Technically the truth fits here:

Maybe this will be the year for Allen and the Bills:

Have you ever tried to get something to catch on? It’s hard work!

Stop trying to make Mr. January happen!

As far as a better candidate for the title, right now it’s probably Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes is 7-2 compared to Allen’s 3-3 in January playoff games.

Remember, Romo’s playing career only consisted of two playoff wins, so while he’s one of the smartest and more entertaining color commentators, his personal playoff experience isn’t the most expansive.

That in mind, maybe we can cut him some slack for the nickname.

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