Chargers make a move with coaching staff, but not the one fans want

Brandon Staley, Los Angeles Chargers. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Brandon Staley, Los Angeles Chargers. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

By firing Joe Lombardi and Shane Day, but not Brandon Staley, the Los Angeles Chargers proved to everyone just how shamelessly cheap of an organization they really are.

The Los Angeles Chargers are the cheapest bucket of beef in California.

You better believe the Bolts went Yobagoya in the second half of their playoff game vs. London’s Finest. Trevor Lawrence was two quarters away from becoming real-life “Footsteps” Shane Falco. Instead, the Chargers blew a lead only their NFC counterpart, the Atlanta Falcons, could have ever put forth in the modern era. Snakebitten to hell, the Chargers refused to address the elephant carcass in the room.

Why fire head coach Brandon Staley, when you can point the finger at offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi and quarterbacks coach Shane Day?

By firing Vince Lombardi’s grandson, the Chargers are never going to hoist a Lombardi Trophy…

Los Angeles Chargers look so incredibly cheap by not firing Brandon Staley

This never had to be that difficult. It does not matter if Staley is liked in the locker room by his players, the Chargers are simply too talented to be this poorly coached. The Los Angeles Rams’ second tenant needs to do something they never do, which is spending money, and give the New Orleans Saints a Godfather offer for their former head coach Sean Payton. He even wants to be there, apparently. This is not that hard!

Staley is looking more and more like a fraud on the sidelines with every passing game. It is debatable if he feels imposter syndrome or not, but that inexcusable loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars up 27-0 is a referendum on the entire Chargers organization. Los Angeles may find a way to convince itself that the team will be back in 2023, but a loss like this will stays with a man forever.

Ultimately, the Chargers have made their bed and they must now lie in it. How do they explain to their fans that this is okay when this just isn’t good enough? Dean Spanos has a bad reputation for being cheap. When Mike Brown finally decided to open up the checkbook after the Cincinnati Bengals struck gold with Joe Burrow, it worked out for them. The Chargers have Justin Herbert…

Los Angeles is shuffling chairs on the Titanic for as long as they keep Staley as their head coach.

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