Russell Wilson is personally recruiting his hopeful next Broncos head coach

Russell Wilson, Broncos (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)
Russell Wilson, Broncos (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) /

Russell Wilson is doing what he can to get Sean Payton to commit to the Denver Broncos.

Sean Payton to the Denver Broncos is feeling like the most likely outcome of the offseason. New Orleans Saints insider, Mike Triplett, said on that he thinks the Broncos are the most likely destination for Payton (subscription required).

Evidently, Broncos’ quarterback Russell Wilson is pitching to Sean Payton directly.

Here’s what Colin Cowherd had to say about Wilson recruiting Payton on his show, H/T ProFootballTalk.

"“Russell Wilson has contacted Sean, legally, by the way, through channels,” Cowherd said. “He wants Sean Payton. He needs fixing. He knows he needs fixing.”"

Cowherd isn’t really an NFL insider, but he does have a connection here since he’s colleagues with Payton. Both work for the FOX network.

Wilson does need the help. This season was his worst in terms of total touchdowns and QBR. Wilson is a nine-time Pro Bowl quarterback and Super Bowl champion, and if anyone can get him re-aligned, it’s probably Payton. Remember, before Drew Brees was, well, Drew Brees, many had him written off after a frightening shoulder injury.

Payton has as much to do with Brees’ resurgence and growth to become one of the best quarterbacks of his era as anyone.

Broncos are ready for Sean Payton, but is Sean Payton ready for them?

Repeatedly, Sean Payton has been clear on the air with folks: He loves his job at FOX and isn’t a lock to get back into coaching this offseason.

The cost to get Payton is high. Not only will the team need to shell out upwards of $20 million per year to Payton, but whichever team ends up with him will need to send draft picks to the Saints who own his draft rights as compensation.

The teams interviewing Payton are all aware and on board with the price the Saints want. And the Broncos are fine to write the check to Payton, reportedly.

The ball, truly, is in Payton’s court. Maybe Wilson’s plea to help a proven, but currently struggling quarterback out, will be the nudge he needs to take the job.

Perhaps the only other option that checks off the quarterback box for Payton could be a dream scenario for the Panthers that involves him and Tom Brady. That seems unlikely, though.

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