Cowboys fans pulling their hair out as Brett Maher’s kicking woes continue

The Brett Maher missed extra point after the Cowboys took the lead over the 49ers in the Divisional Round had fans ready to send him to Siberia.

One of the biggest storylines for the Dallas Cowboys after their win over the Bucs in the Wild Card Round of the playoffs was kicker Brett Maher. He missed four extra points in the win over Tampa Bay, which he was lucky didn’t hurt them.

So when he took the field on Sunday evening against the 49ers in the Divisional Round, all eyes were on Maher. And pregame warmups weren’t kind to him. Yet, Dak Prescott found Dalton Schultz in the red zone for a 4-yard touchdown that gave the Cowboys the lead. That’s when Maher came out.

And then this happened.

But wait, that was blocked, right? That’s not Maher’s fault…or at least it wouldn’t have been if it hadn’t clearly been going wide left again, which is why the extra point was blocked.

Brett Maher missed extra point sends Cowboys fans into tirade

Cowboys fans were about to lose their mind while NFL Twitter continue to troll Dallas and Maher.

This is an absolute disaster for Dallas. They brought in Triston Vizcaino to the practice squad after the Bucs game but made the call to stick with Maher for the matchup with the 49ers.

But now things have changed. It’s clear that the kicker who was reliable in the regular season is no longer that for the Cowboys. Call it the yips, call it being scared, call it whatever, this isn’t a player who can kick for a team in the playoffs right now.