2 Braves offseason decisions that will payoff, 1 that will backfire

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Two big Atlanta Braves offseason decisions will payoff while another looks ready to backfire.

The Atlanta Braves haven’t had a complete overhaul this offseason nor did they need to. They remain the team to beat in the National League East and a top contender for a World Series title.

After a disappointing ending to their 2022 campaign, the team had some big decisions to make in the offseason. Some will have to be determined before Opening Day. For better or worse, some are complete. The team will have to eat the results of each.

Two big offseason decisions made by the Braves look like they will payoff while another seems like it will backfire.

1) Braves offseason decision that will payoff: Trading for and then extending Sean Murphy

Atlanta surprised a lot of people when they added Sean Murphy to their roster. Despite having a pair of 2022 All-Star catchers on the roster, they felt the need to win the Murphy sweepstakes. They added him in a three-team trade involving the Oakland Athletics and Milwaukee Brewers, most painfully costing them William Contreras.

Although we can debate whether Contreras should have remained with the Atlanta or not, there is no denying the Braves are going to benefit from having Murphy on the team. Signed through 2028 with a team option for the 2029 campaign, the Braves have a catcher with pop in his bat and the potential to load up on a few more Gold Gloves in the coming years.

Last season was Murphy’s second playing full-time in the big leagues. He slashed .250/.332/.426 while ripping 37 doubles, 18 home runs, and driving in 66. The change from a weak Athletics lineup to the Braves will have some great benefits.

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