Eli Apple addresses Tweet that appeared to take a shot at Damar Hamlin

Cincinnati Bengals defensive back Eli Apple clarified his comment about the Buffalo Bills, saying he didn’t intend to take a shot at Damar Hamlin.

Eli Apple made a few enemies in Buffalo over the past few days. First, his Bengals defeated the Bills to advance to the AFC Championship Game. As if that weren’t enough, he quote tweeted Stefon Diggs on social media and appeared to make light of Damar Hamlin’s heart symbol.


Apple caught plenty of flack for this, including from FanSided’s Josh Wilson:

“For Apple to use that symbol as a gloat about winning a game is, well, just not good. Hamlin’s story went far beyond the lines on the field, as most players would agree.

To use it as a reason to mock the Bills is just insensitive. There are plenty of reasons for Apple to gloat on the field of play itself, including Apple having the second-highest number of tackles on the team on Sunday. Hamlin, who wasn’t even on the field of play, shouldn’t have been dragged into the mix.”

If Apple did intend to use the heart symbol in this fashion, then he should be lambasted, However, Apple clarified his commentary later on Tuesday.

Eli Apple insists he didn’t take shot at Damar Hamlin

Eli Apple took to Twitter to clarify his comment, saying he didn’t mean to take a shot at Hamlin. His previous tweet, however, remains live as of this writing.

“All love thoughts prayers and concerns to @HamlinIsland
as he continues to recover from that tragic incident. Never would I make light of that scary unfortunate scene. This game is truly a dangerous risk to our bodies mind and spirit. Nothing but love to all my football brothers,” Apple said.

It’s not my place to decide whether Apple’s statement is genuine, or if he’s simply saving face. His on-field performance will be heavily scrutinized this weekend, one way or another.