Easy Packers upgrade at WR could fall right in their lap

The Packers face an uncertain offseason at quarterback but they also need to help the wide receiver room and one coveted option could fall in their lap. 

The undeniable biggest question that the Green Bay Packers face in the 2023 offseason is who will be their quarterback next year. Aaron Rodgers has yet to determine whether or not he wants to stay, retire or be traded after a disappointing showing this past season and there have been trade rumblings regarding Jordan Love for some time now as well.

One thing that is certain for the Packers, however, is that they need reinforcements at receiver. This was obvious at the time the franchise traded Davante Adams but was glaring throughout the year as Rodgers failed to find anyone reliable outside of rookie Christian Watson late in the season.

Lucky for Green Bay, a player they’ve been after for some time might fall right into their lap.

Zack Blatt of The Athletic recently wrote that there’s a good chance that former first-round pick Corey Davis could be a cap casualty for the New York Jets this offseason (h/t Paul Andrew Esden Jr.).

What’s interesting is that the Packers have been after Davis already, but now won’t have to negotiation with anyone but the wide receiver.

Packers rumors: Corey Davis is obvious target if WR is cut by Jets

As Peter Bukowski of Locked on Packers noted, Jason B. Hirschhorn of The Leap and SB Nation noted this past offseason that Green Bay was working on a trade for Davis that didn’t come to fruition. Bukowski used that to say Davis would make sense as part of a trade package for Rodgers.

That could certainly be the case. But if Rodgers elected to stay with the team he’s spent his entire career with, it would also make a ton of sense if Green Bay simply waited for the Jets to cut Davis and then made a pursuit on him in free agency. Or it would even be in the cards that they could work out a trade this offseason now that New York, wanting to unload Davis, has less leverage.

In any case, Davis has been a productive though unspectacular player in Tennessee and New York, but has fallen out of favor for younger talent with the Jets. For a receiver-needy Packers offense, though, he could be a strong veteran presence that could be a really asset to improve the pass-catchers.