Most coveted NBA exec has 4 possible landing spots

Bob Myers, Warriors (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Bob Myers, Warriors (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

According to new reports, Bob Myers could be leaving the Golden State Warriors before the team’s future is set, with four possible new homes.

According to an amazing piece by The Athletic piece written by multiple reporters, GM Bob Myers might be leaving for another team next off-season. The other teams that he might leave mentioned are the Clippers, Knicks, Wizards and Suns

The Warriors have chosen to operate with a two-pronged timeline for a long time. They have chosen to preserve the young core of James Wiseman, Partick Balwdin Jr. (he is a rookie but the draft asset of the pick had value before he was drafted), Moses Moody, Jonathan Kumingia and Jordan Poole.

Despite operating for the future, the Warriors were able to win the title last season behind the core of Curry, Thompson, Draymond Green, Poole, and co.

The generally accepted narrative is that the Warriors won the title last year despite working on two timelines. As explained in the article, Myers has had the challenge of managing two timelines in the locker room and another GM may not be able to keep Curry in agreement with management about having these seemingly competing goals.

This is one issue but another is pay. Bob Myers deserves to get paid. This is a very clear fact. The culture he has developed in the Warriors organization is special. The one other factor labeled in the article is that Myers might want to change sports or retire altogether. This isn’t really a factor that the Warriors can or did control at any given time if a person wants to switch jobs that is their right.

Some of this is posturing but Bob Myers deserves to get paid. The Warriors’ run might be at a cross-road after this season. If Myers goes, Curry might start to get unhappy. Couple that with Draymond Green potentially leaving, and Curry might start to get really unhappy. Those two timeline moves and Myers leaving might cost you Curry, not finishing his career in a Warriors jersey.

Keeping Bob Myers would keep the ship stable and that’s very important for the Warriors. Hopefully, Joe Lacob takes this report seriously and does what it takes to keep Myers in the fold.

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