Everything Nick Sirianni and Jalen Hurts said after Eagles NFC Championship win

Head coach Nick Sirianni and Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Head coach Nick Sirianni and Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

After leading their team to an NFC Championship and onto the Super Bowl, here’s what the winning coach and quarterback had to say.

The Philadelphia Eagles did everything a No. 1 seed is supposed to do. They won convincingly in the divisional round, and made sure there was no doubt heading into the Super Bowl. There is clearly no team better in the NFC.

After beating the Niners 31-7, the focus was on head coach Nick Sirianni and quarterback Jalen Hurts, who, in their postgame comments continually pushed the focus instead toward the city of Philadelphia and their teammates.

What Nick Sirianni had to say after Eagles win NFC title

On the field with Tom Rinaldi, here is what Sirianni had to say:

"“What does it mean? Obviously, this is something you dream about as a kid and all these guys on our team have dreamed about this their entire lives too. Just to be able to do this together with a bunch of men that love each other, that are connected to each other, that would do anything for each other it’s pretty sweet.”"

Asked about the city, Sirianni was highly complimentary of Philly:

"“You see the city and our passion that they have for this for this team. And we’re so we’re so appreciative of this stuff, these fans, I mean, look at this place. There’s no place like this in the NFL. It is a hard working city. It’s a blue collar city and we tend to think that’s the type of team we have with the guys that we have on the O-line, D-line but it doesn’t stop at all line D line. We got to tough guys everywhere. We got guys to give it up for each other everywhere.”"

Asked what his message for the team this week was, he admitted he wasn’t sure yet.

"“I am gonna have to think about that moment. joy this one right now, and I’m thinking of what we’re gonna be talking about, but it’s probably not gonna be all that different than has been for the last 18-19 weeks.”"

Later, speaking to Terry Bradshaw on the celebration podium, Sirianni had this to say about his defense that didn’t allow more than a touchdown all day:

"“This defense just keeps coming to work every single day and killing it and this is a most physical defense in this league. And man, Jonathan Gannon did a great job. The leaders on our defensive line where it all starts did a great job. Secondary linebackers it was a great team defense. 11 is one, and they just beat as one heartbeat to that.”"

What Jalen Hurts had to say after leading Eagles to NFC title

Jalen Hurts was reserved, refusing to do anything other than let the city of Philadelphia soak the victory up:

"“It’s been a lot, it’s been a lot. You know I’m not gon’ make this about me, man. This city, is a special city. They deserve everything that’s goin’ on. We got one more. We got one more.”"

To close, Hurts led the stadium in a singing of “Fly Eagles Fly.” Good luck convincing Eagles fans that isn’t the country’s new national anthem.


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