Cameron Crazies cheer sheet goes way too far with attempts to troll UNC players

Duke Blue Devils "Cameron Crazies" student section. (Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports)
Duke Blue Devils "Cameron Crazies" student section. (Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports) /

The “Cameron Crazies” cheer sheet for Duke’s game against UNC went entirely too far, including doxxing multiple players and their families.

Rivalries are great. They bring out the most competitive spirit possible in sports.

Unfortunately, they also sometimes bring out the ugly side of sports.

While one UNC fan hit the right tone for a good troll, Duke’s “Cameron Crazies” crossed that line on Saturday with a cheer sheet that deserves plenty of scrutiny.

Cameron Crazies cheer sheet crossed a line for Duke vs UNC

Here’s the cheer sheet that was circulated ahead of the first meeting between the Blue Devils and Tar Heels this year.

Cheer sheets often include a dossier on each opposing player with tips for how to best get under their skin. Things get personal often. However, this particular cheer sheet included several classless features.

First, doxxing players and their families.

The sheet includes a phone number and personal email address for center Armando Bacot as well as a phone number for forward Leaky Black. It included an office phone number for the father of forward Will Shaver as well as the names of multiple players’ girlfriends.

That’s such a big and obvious no-no it’s a wonder the writers of the cheat sheet thought they could get away with it. Promoting bullying, which is the only reason to include those details for fans to exploit, is gross.

Of course, they thought they could get away with a whole lot more.

A juvenile dig at Leaky Black’s name was followed by the desire to “make him question his life.”

There were accusations about the love lives of guard Caleb Love and R.J. Davis.

Basically, anything not relevant to the game of basketball was fair game.

Do the Duke fans who put that together think Jon Scheyer or Coach K would be proud to read it? Do better.

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