5 worst trades in Minnesota Vikings history

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The Minnesota Vikings have made some good and bad trades in their history, but these are the 5 worst trades they’ve ever made.

During Rick Spielman’s long tenure as Minnesota Vikings general manager, it became a running joke that he would seemingly do about anything he could to move down in drafts and acquire extra Day 3 picks. But trading for veterans was never something “Trader Rick” shied away from either.

Of course, it’s now a relatively new regime in Minnesota, with Kwesi Adofo-Mensah embarking on his second offseason as Vikings’ general manager. Some long-time Vikings veterans linger as possible trade candidates this offseason, and Adofo-Mensah will be at the forefront for some tough decisions that will surely be scrutinized heavily if they don’t work out.

Adofo-Mensah will be hoping to avoid a place on this list over the course of his tenure, but here are the five worst trades in Minnesota Vikings history.

The 5 worst trades in Minnesota Vikings history

5. Re-Gathering Moss

In line with the “let’s run it back” theme of the 2010 season, after Brett Favre led a trip to the NFC Championship Game the year before, the Vikings re-acquired Moss from the New England Patriots in October. After his first practice back in Minnesota, Moss urged fans to “pull your 84 jerseys out” in acknowledgment and celebration of his return.

The Vikings gave up a third-round pick to bring Moss back, which didn’t become a player of consequence (quarterback Ryan Mallett). But Moss was a malcontent almost from the get-go, lamenting the food brought into the building for lunch on one Friday and having a general disrespect for head coach Brad Childress.

Moss lasted four games back with the Vikings, with 13 catches for 174 yards and two touchdowns, before Childress (who had control of the 53-man roster) waived him without telling or consulting with anyone else beforehand. Moss finished the 2010 season with the Tennessee Titans.

The 2010 campaign was a rough one all around for the Vikings. Bringing Moss back and having it blow up in their face was just one of a laundry list of bad/weird things that went on.