Utah Jazz updated draft picks after Russell Westbrook trade

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The Utah Jazz picked up another first-round draft pick by working themselves into the Russell Westbrook trade. How many future picks do they have now?

The Utah Jazz began stockpiling first-round picks this summer with the blockbuster trades of Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell. It seemed likely they would follow that path with some of their other veterans but a brief flirtation with the top of the Western Conference standings and the playoff race delayed things a bit.

But with the trade deadline approaching, the Jazz backed off, jumping into a three-way trade with the Timberwolves and Lakers that sent Malik Beasley, Jarred Vanderbilt and D’Angelo Russell to the Lakers, Mike Conley and a second-round pick to the Timberwolves and Russell Westbrook and a lightly-protected first-round from the Lakers back to Utah.

The Jazz may have been hoping to get two picks out of those players — at least one in a deal for Beasley and Vanderbilt and another for Conley, but the pick they got from the Lakers could be very valuable. Their war chest of future picks is now full to bursting.

Utah Jazz updated draft picks

2023 Draft:

  • Own
  • Timberwolves — Unprotected
  • Least favorable of Nets, Rockets, 76ers

2024 Draft:

  • Own — Top-10 protected or conveyed to OKC

2025 Draft:

  • Own — Top-10 protected or conveyed to OKC if not conveyed in 2024
  • Cavaliers — Unprotected
  • Timberwolves — Unprotected

2026 Draft:

  • Own or pick swap— Most favorable of Cavs, Timberwolves

2027 Draft:

  • Own
  • Lakers — Top-4 protected
  • Cavaliers — Unprotected
  • Timberwolves — Unprotected

2028 Draft:

  • Own or pick swap— Cavs

2029 Draft:

  • Own
  • Cavaliers — Unprotected
  • Timberwolves — Top-5 protected

The real payoff for the Utah Jazz may not come until the 2027 draft when they’ll have four first-round picks, only one with any protections on it. But they’ll have a lot of chances to nab a star over the next seven seasons.

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