NFL scripted lives on as Eagles screwed by holding call in Super Bowl

James Bradberry #24 of the Philadelphia Eagles. (Cooper Neill/Getty Images)
James Bradberry #24 of the Philadelphia Eagles. (Cooper Neill/Getty Images) /

The Philadelphia Eagles lost Super Bowl 57 in frustrating fashion as the refs called a questionable holding penalty on James Bradberry.

The phrase “NFL scripted” was trending after the Chiefs beat the Bengals in the AFC Championship Game. It’s going to be trending again because of the way Super Bowl 57 between the Chiefs and Eagles ended.

It was an anticlimactic finish largely because of a holding penalty thrown as Kansas City was driving for a go-ahead score with less than two minutes remaining.

On third down from the Philadelphia 15-yard line, Patrick Mahomes lofted a hopeful attempt into the endzone. It fell incomplete several yards away from receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster. However, the refs threw a flag for holding on Eagles DB James Bradberry.

Did the refs screw the Eagles on holding call late in Super Bowl?

Bradberry did have a hand on Smith-Schuster’s back but it was barely a hold if any. The pass looked overly long even if there had been no contact between the wide receiver and defender.

It was a costly penalty for the Eagles. The Chiefs got a first down, which allowed them to force Philadelphia to use their remaining timeouts while running the clock down to 11 seconds before kicking the game-winning field goal.

There’s no saying what might have happened if not for that call. KC might have kicked the field goal and given Jalen Hurts two minutes to lead a touchdown drive. He might have pulled it off. The Chiefs defense might have held. We’ll never know.

It wasn’t even the only bad call that went against the Eagles in the game. It’s just unfortunate that a thrilling game ended on such a sour note with the refs once again at the forefront of discussions.

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