Eagles’ Super Bowl loss cements Philadelphia as new Loserville USA

Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images) /

The Philadelphia Eagles put a cherry on top of the most painful year in the city’s sports history.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, except for when the refs screw you over most horrendously in the Super Bowl.

Who knows what The Gang is going to do about it, but it has been a flurry of heartache and pain for the City of Brotherly Love’s professional sports teams. After seeing the Philadelphia Phillies lose the World Series on the same day as Philadelphia Union lost the MLS Cup, leave it up to the Birds to add gasoline to the fiery blaze of Broad Street. The Philadelphia Eagles lost the big game.

Not since 2012 have we seen a metroplex be most horrifically snakebitten on the biggest of stages. It was a rough go of it a decade ago in the Peach State when the Atlanta Braves, the Georgia Bulldogs and the Atlanta Falcons all saw their seasons end on the worst way possible. Infield fly rules, tipped passes, blown leads, we have seen it all. Philadelphia is going through it.

Whether it be penalty kicks, dirty rotten cheaters or getting mauled by zebras, Philadelphia has officially taken the crown from the original Loserville USA from Atlanta, Georgia. Good times!

Philadelphia Eagles help transform City of Brotherly Love into Loserville USA

Look. I can tell you first hand that it does get better … eventually. It is always darkest before the dawn, but it probably has to get worse before it gets better. There are more leads to blow, more bad calls to go against you and way more suffering to the point of perpetual misery. It may take a decade, but you got to wait it out. All it takes is a group of guys who aren’t gonna take it anymore!

To say you will be back is wishful thinking. Philadephia Union has never won the MLS Cup before. The Phillies play in the same NL East with the Braves and those hated New York Mets. As for the Birds, the NFC may not be down as a whole for very much longer. Even more troubling, not since John Elway starred in Denver has a Super Bowl quarterback started out 0-1 to eventually win one.

More often than not, if you lose your first one, you typically do not get back. Joe Burrow has not been back. Neither has Jimmy Garoppolo, Jared Goff, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, Rex Grossman, Matt Hasselbeck, Donovan McNabb, Jake Delhomme, Rich Gannon, Kerry Collins, Steve McNair (RIP), Chris Chandler, technically Drew Bledsoe, Neil O’Donnell and Stan Humphries.

Jim Kelly went back three more times, but that did not turn out so hot for him. We want to believe in Jalen Hurts like we believed in Vince Papale and Rocky Balboa. He is an incredibly likable guy, but being well-liked is not how one overcomes The Curse of the 1983 NFL Draft. Dan Marino and Tony Eason did not exactly go back either… Well, pitchers and catchers will be reporting, so that’s cool.

For now, let’s Trust the Process and be all-in on the 76ers because we know the Flyers are awful.

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