New video shows Patrick Mahomes so lit he almost gave away Lombardi Trophy

Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs. (Photo by Jay Biggerstaff/Getty Images)
Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs. (Photo by Jay Biggerstaff/Getty Images) /

Patrick Mahomes got so Super Bowl lit that he almost gave away the Lombardi Trophy.

Nobody can ever question if Patrick Mahomes is a man of the people anymore.

The two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback’s Canton legacy is cemented. He is firmly on the Kansas City Chiefs‘ Mt. Rushmore, well on his way towards joining the most ferocious foursome at the quarterback position all time. Of course, when it’s time to party, party hard. Mahomes clearly majored in leisure studies at Texas Tech. He really knows his way around a Silver Bullet.

So when he got Super Bowl lit this week during the parade, he nearly gave away the Lombardi Trophy to a fan in the crowd. This second Super Bowl championship in four years was clearly for the people, but not in the literal sense. He either got tired of holding onto the Lombardi, forgot he was holding the Lombardi or thought he gave the fan his 12 ounces of Rocky Mountain freedom.

Watch the best handoff Mahomes made since giving the rock to Isiah Pacheco over in Arizona.

Patrick Mahomes gives the Lombardi Trophy back to the people of Kansas City

The mountains turned blue that day as all of Kansas City was painted red. They have the best quarterback in football and everyone knows it. But instead of wearing kale pajamas, eating avocado ice cream and avoiding nightshades like the plague, there is nothing cooler than a cool can of Coors Light. It gets you to where you need to go, whether or not you wanted to go there.

Mahomes may be feeling a little funky on Friday after the thirstiest of Thirsty Thursdays. Saturdays are for the boys, so he’s got a little time for some R&R before his next big media appearance. If this involves playing a quick nine or a full 18, you do whatever you want. You are the king of your domain, Chiefs Kingdom. This dynastic run can only be described as scrumtrulescent.

For the people out there saying this is a bad look for the kids, this happened during the school week, so who is the bad parent now? Truth be told, you don’t need to know how many angles there are in a triangle more than how to be passionate and live in the moment. This young Arrowhead Addict will learn more from Thursday’s lesson in truancy than they will in six weeks.

It is so easy to confuse a Lombardi and a full Silver Bullet tall boy, especially when you are on one.

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