Eric Bieniemy had an all-time Chiefs flex while signing Commanders contract

Eric Bieniemy. Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports
Eric Bieniemy. Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports /

The Washington Commanders named former Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy to the same position, and he flexed big time while signing the contract.

Eric Bieniemy and the Kansas City Chiefs just won their second Super Bowl together less than a week ago, but the former KC OC has made a major career move since then. Bieniemy signed on to be the Washington Commanders offensive coordinator, where he will get full control of the offense and a multiyear deal.

What at first seemed like a lateral move actually makes much more sense when you dissect it.

First, the Chiefs will always be viewed as Andy Reid’s offense. It was tough for Bieniemy to receive much credit in that position, as much as Reid heaped praise upon him every season. Second, Kansas City forced Bieniemy to coach on one-year deals, something he won’t have to worry about in Washington. And third, Bieniemy will call all the plays for the Commanders, an offense he can build in his own image.

It’s the perfect place to start over, and perhaps finally receive that coveted head coaching gig when the time comes.

Eric Bieniemy has Chiefs flex while signing Commanders contract

While Eric Bieniemy may have a new gig, that doesn’t mean he forgot his roots. Bieniemy has championship expectations after winning two Super Bowls with the Kansas City Chiefs, the last of which came just under a week ago. Bieniemy played a large role in the offensive game-planning that week.

Even Andy Reid assumed Bieniemy would receive another opportunity after the Super Bowl, and he turned out to be correct.

“Listen, Eric Bieniemy has been tremendous for us. I think has been tremendous for the NFL. I am hoping he’s having an opportunity to go somewhere and do his thing where he can run the show and be Eric Bieniemy,” Reid said.

Bieniemy can finally be himself with little restraint. It should be a fun season in Washington.

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