Cardinals WR Robbie Anderson has Chosen a new name for 2023

Robbie Anderson, Chosen Anderson, Arizona Cardinals. (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)
Robbie Anderson, Chosen Anderson, Arizona Cardinals. (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images) /

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Robbie Anderson changed his name again because, of course, he did.

Nobody changes their name more frequently than Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Robbie Anderson.

After finding new and creative ways to spell Robbie/Robby/Robi?, Mr. Anderson is opting to go with a Neo name for himself. Oh, it’ll break The Matrix, alright. He is going by Chosen. Yes, Mr. Anderson now goes by Chosen Anderson. The amount of Cam Newton, Josh Rosen and LeBron James jokes we now have at our disposal. Just wait until he goes by an unpronounceable symbol!

Your name is your name, not some ole raspberry beret, the kind you find in a second-hand store!

Robbie Anderson is venturing into Chosen Rosen territory with his new name

Usually, when people give themselves a nickname, you run for the hills after that weird interaction. Although it is not a 100 percent guarantee that the self-important nicknamed man refers to himself in the third person, you’ve got better odds of that happening than calling heads or tails after flipping a coin. Either way, you still lose. But when you legally change your name, that is next-level genius…

After being dubbed Robert by his parents, they opted to call him an abbreviated version of that instead. They could have gone with Rob, Bob or Bert, and things might have been slightly different. Instead, we still don’t know how to spell Robby/Robbie/Robi?, so here we are. His given name wasn’t Chosen for him, so Anderson chose something that is debatably better or arguably worse.

The last time the Cardinals had someone chosen on their team, Steve Wilks went one-and-done. The dorm room hot tub was ominous, but how far off is Call of Duty addiction from that really? You can absolutely play that game all hours of the day in your college dorm room, so long as you have copious amounts of Mountain Dew to engulf. Jonathan Gannon is going to love him some Chosen.

If the Cardinals were eligible, HBO should run it back with them on Hard Knocks for Office reasons.

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