Aaron Rodgers contract: Does he have a no-trade clause?

Aaron Rodgers contract, Packers (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)
Aaron Rodgers contract, Packers (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images) /

There may be some questions this offseason over Aaron Rodgers’ contract and how it’ll play into a trade. 

There is a chance Aaron Rodgers will get traded this offseason. He has hinted at it and reports have indicated the Green Bay Packers are at least open to considering their options and hearing offers on the veteran quarterback and four-time MVP.

Whenever a player of Rodgers’ caliber goes to the market, it causes a big stir and there is a grasp for power on several fronts. One of those battles is between the player and the incumbent team.

We saw it play out with Derek Carr. The Raiders committed to moving forward without Carr, and Carr’s no-trade clause allowed him to force the team’s hand, ultimately releasing him and getting nothing in terms of trade compensation for a player they had no perceived use for.

So, does Aaron Rodgers hold that kind of leverage? If not, what leverage does he have?

Does Aaron Rodgers have a no-trade clause in his contract?

The straightforward answer to whether or not Aaron Rodgers has a contractual point of leverage is no, according to CBS Sports. He does not have a no-trade clause that gives him the final say in what teams he can be traded to.

The one area he does have leverage is with retirement. If Rodgers is indifferent toward continuing to play vs not, he could simply tell the Packers he’ll simply retire if they don’t engage with suitors that are satisfactory to him. If Rodgers were to retire, his trade value no longer exists.

It seems as though retirement is legitimately on the table for the veteran quarterback.

Ultimately, though, if Rodgers wants to keep playing there is no clear-cut point of leverage he has.

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