Aaron Rodgers explains process during infamous darkness retreat

Aaron Rodgers, Packers (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Aaron Rodgers, Packers (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Aaron Rodgers is letting the world know about how revolutionary his darkness retreat was, and his process for working through his offseason decision.

Aaron Rodgers has a decision to make this offseason. Though his offseason isn’t as wide open as a free agent’s would be, he could come to the Green Bay Packers and request that they seek a trade, or he could retire.

Or, in the most boring timeline, he could just come back and play for Green Bay for at least one more season.

Rodgers did not approach his decision-making in a straightforward or normal way. Why would he? There are far weirder things he could do, and he decided to go down those pathways instead.

Instead, he went to a “darkness retreat” which is basically where you pay to sit in a room with the lights off. That’s what people with way too much money on their hands do.

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Aaron Rodgers explains his decision-making process while in darkness rettreat

On the Aubrey Marcus podcast, Rodgers spoke a little bit about his darkness retreat:

"“…and just kind of, let whatever was gonna come in, come in. And it did. A lot of great contemplation around, you know, how I show up in the world. And then, you know, I spent parts of a couple of the days imagining what it would be like to retire and imaging what it would be like to continue to play.”"

Couldn’t he have just done this at home, though?

Apparently, not, because Marcus says this about the darkness retreat:

"“There’s two choices a person has. Wait for the world to bring the darkness upon them or they can go out and find the darknness and prepare for the inevitable challenges the world brings.”"

This could be all the rage pretty soon, here, folks. Soon, suburban families will start converting their spare-room Airbnbs to darkness retreats up for rent. It’s a win-win, people find enlightenment, and the hosts save on electricity costs!

The full Aubrey Marcus podcast with Rodgers is scheduled to come out on Wednesday. Strap in, folks, perhaps there are more hints at what Rodgers will decide to come.

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