F1 engine suppliers for 2023: Which teams are running what engine?

F1 engine suppliers (Photo by FERENC ISZA/AFP via Getty Images)
F1 engine suppliers (Photo by FERENC ISZA/AFP via Getty Images) /

Engines make a massive difference in the competitive landscape of Formula 1. Who are the engine suppliers for each F1 team in 2023?

The 2023 F1 season is here, and we’re about to find out which teams put in meaningful, winning work in the offseason and which teams could have set themselves up better.

There are millions of factors that go into a winning car in Formula 1 racing. The sport is determined by tenths of seconds, millimeters, and small adjustments leading to big results.

But there are also some big decisions to be made that drive all those little results. Drivers are one of those factors. Strong leadership is another (see how teams have done on those two dimensions entering 2023 here). An engine is perhaps one of the single biggest factors teams need to get right.

With only so many engine suppliers to choose from and strategic partnerships as well as budgets to balance, the engine choice is good to have in the back of your mind as you watch the races unfold.

Here’s the engine lineup for this season:

F1 engine suppliers for 2023

  • Ferrari engine
    • Ferrari
    • Alfa Romeo
    • Haas
  • Mercedes engine
    • Mercedes
    • Aston Martin
    • McLaren
    • Williams
  • Honda engine (known as Red Bull engine)
    • Red Bull
    • Alpha Tauri
  • Renault engine
    • Alpine

One of Red Bull Racing’s key advantages is that the only team using the Honda engines in the sport are its own teams, Red Bull and the less competitive, developmentally-oriented Alpha Tauri.

Mercedes is the team used most frequently, across four teams, and Ferrari is used across three teams. Mercedes risks losing McLaren, and the mid-tier team is rumored to be in talks with Red Bull to use its Honda engine.

From now until 2026, expect these engine splits to be more or less the same, with a few teams swapping and lines being drawn. But starting in 2026, the engine supplier game will get a shake-up, as the FIA announced six teams have been registered as providers from 2026-30:

  1. Renault
  2. Audi
  3. Ferrari
  4. Honda
  5. Mercedes
  6. Red Bull Ford

The new entrants here are Audi and Ford, who joins alongside Red Bull. It will be interesting to see if Haas moves over from Ferrari to Ford, as both companies are located in the United States.

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