NFL rumors: Packers, Jets have likely agreed on Aaron Rodgers trade terms

NFL rumors, Packers, Jets, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images)
NFL rumors, Packers, Jets, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images) /

Based on reports that Aaron Rodgers and the Jets are talking, it’s likely that the framework of a Jets-Packers deal has been agreed upon.

Things are finally moving in regards to Aaron Rodgers’s NFL future. On Monday night, it was reported that Rodgers and the Jets had engaged in talks with the New York Jets, a report that came first from Trey Wingo and was confirmed by other NFL rumors on Tuesday.

Rodgers — who isn’t expected on the Pat McAfee show today, but you may want to tune in just in case — has not made a decision just yet on whether or not he’ll continue his playing career. But clearly, he’s at least open to the idea if he’s talking with the Jets.

In order for this news to come out, we now know one thing: The Packers and Jets very well could have already agreed on a trade that would send Rodgers to East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Aaron Rodgers talking to Jets means a deal is probably agreed upon

Remember when Derek Carr visited the New Orleans Saints several weeks ago, while he was still a Raider? The only reason that was permitted was because the Raiders gave their permission for him to go. The Saints had to agree to terms on a trade with Vegas to secure their permission.

Same thing here with Rodgers and the Jets. In order for Rodgers to have legally spoken to the Jets, it means that a deal is probably agreed upon.

Even if a deal isn’t fully agreed on yet, it’s safe to assume that the basic structure of one is probably taking shape.

So, what’s the hold-up?

Well, the Jets aren’t pulling the trigger until they know for sure that Rodgers is going to come back in 2023. They don’t want to trade for a quarterback to have him up and retire on them three days later.

As soon as Rodgers figures out what he’s doing and informs the Packers and Jets, we’ll see something happening… Hopefully.

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