NBA rumors: Grizzlies changed travel plans to avoid post-game partying

The Memphis Grizzlies are understandably concerned about the social habits of Ja Morant and have reportedly adjusted travel plans to keep the team from partying.

The post-game partying habits of Ja Morant have put the Memphis Grizzlies under a microscope. After a March 3 game against the Nuggets, Morant shared an Instagram Live video of himself partying in a Denver area strip club, where he appeared to flash a gun.

He was suspended by the team, entered a counseling program, was investigated by the police and the NBA and eventually had his suspension extended to eight games, with no charges filed. He’ll be eligible to return to the Grizzlies on March 20 against the Mavs. But when he does he’ll find that some team policies have been changed.

Grizzlies have reportedly changed travel plans this season to avoid post-game parties

According to Joe Vardon and Sam Amick of The Athletic, “There have even been travel measures taken to curtail nightlife habits this season, with the Grizzlies leaving more road cities (especially the glitzier ones, like Miami) immediately after the game instead of staying overnight. Additional accountability measures may follow.”

The Grizzlies definitely need all of Morant’s attention back on basketball. The Grizzlies have split the six games he’s missed so far, falling to the No. 3 seed in the Western Conference. They still hold four- and five-game leads over the Suns and Clippers in the standings but have plenty of other factors working against them.

Steven Adams may be out for a few more weeks, working through a knee injury and Brandon Clarke is out for the rest of the season with an Achilles tear. There are also plenty of tough games among the 14 they have left on the schedule — including the Warriors, Mavs, two against the Clippers and a three-game road trip to close out the season.

The Grizzlies need Ja Morant and they need him at his best. If they think some late-night flights will help ensure that, it’s definitely a move worth making.

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