NFL Rumors: Aaron Rodgers comments responsible for holding up trade between Packers, Jets

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. (Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports)
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. (Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports) /

NFL insider Charles Robinson reports a deal between the Jets and Packers to trade Aaron Rodgers is “closer” but the QBs recent comments created a snag.

The Aaron Rodgers saga feels so very close to being resolved…and of course, it’s comments made by the quarterback on the Pat McAfee Show that are holding things up.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports dropped a report late Monday night detailing how the Packers and Jets are “closer” in negotiations to finalize a trade sending Rodgers to New York. However, there’s one big sticking point: protection for the Jets if Rodgers doesn’t play in 2024.

Put simply, New York is worried that they’re about to give away valuable draft assets for a one-year loaner quarterback. They want something back from the Packers if the QB walks away next year. And it’s Rodgers who scared them on that front in the first place.

NFL Rumors: Aaron Rodgers’ comments caused the hold up in Packers, Jets trade negotiations

Robinson’s sources claim that Rodgers talking about being “90 percent retired” before heading into his darkness retreat was the reason “the issue of Rodgers’ viability in 2024 arose in trade talks.”

Without that hiccup, it sounds like the Packers and Jets aren’t too far off a trade acceptable for both sides.

The current deal in the works, according to Robinson, would see New York send their 2023 second rounder to the Green Bay along with a 2024 second-rounder. That 2024 pick could become a first rounder based on team performance escalators. That tracks with recent comments from the Packers suggesting a first-rounder isn’t necessarily part of their demands.

However, the Jets also want a 2025 pick back if Rodgers doesn’t play in 2024.

While the deal may be “closer” it’s not clear how long the Aaron-Rodgers-is-unpredictable insurance compensation the Jets are seeking could delay getting a trade done. But at least the presence of a 2023 draft pick puts a timeer on the whole thing. It’s gotta get done before the second round begins on Apr. 28 if the Packers want that pick in hand.

Robinson’s sources proposed another potential cutoff date: Apr. 17 when the teams will begin organized team activities.

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