Joe Burrow contract: Projecting what an extension might look like

Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)
Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images) /

Joe Burrow is about to be paid handsomely by the Cincinnati Bengals in his contract extension.

It may pain them to do so, but the Cincinnati Bengals have no choice but to pay Joe Burrow what he is worth on the open market.

Along with the Los Angeles Chargers and the Washington Commanders, the Bengals have earned their place among the NFL‘s triumvirate of cheapskates. It is only fitting that the Bolts have to pay their franchise quarterback Justin Herbert as well. As for Washington, Daniel Snyder is hoping to get $6 billion to cash out to a life of chicken wings, Coors Light and never providing free coffee.

So how serious are the forever frugal Bengals about paying Burrow top-dollar? Well, they renamed most sacred Paul Brown Stadium to Paycor Stadium to help finance Burrow’s contract. They also built an indoor practice facility so they will no longer be the third tenant to the Cincinnati Bearcats’ women’s lacrosse team. The Bengals are doing the things they never do. Super cereal…

I absolutely cannot wait for the Bengals and Chargers to play a game of cheapskate chicken in trying to figure out who can pay less for their franchise quarterback. Burrow and Herbert will not be the least bit amused in their penny-pinching endeavors of costly cost-saving proportions.

Joe Burrow contract prediction: What Cincinnati Bengals will have to pay him

No way around this, it is going to get dicey with the Bengals trying to scrape together enough cash to keep Burrow happy. Three years into his pro career, and The Geauxt is the best thing to happy to Cincinnati since The Ickey Shuffle. He has transformed the Bengals from a laughingstock into one of the four best teams in the NFL, year in and year out. Burrow deserves to reset the market here.

If anybody is going to surpass what Patrick Mahomes makes and push it to $50 million in average annual value, it has to be Burrow. He may not be as physically talented as Herbert, but he is the better quarterback on the better team. Plus, I do trust the Bengals to pay Burrow what he is worth over what the Chargers are going to do with Herbert. And for that reason, Burrow will be paid first.

I would envision the Bengals would give him somewhere in the vicinity of an eight-year deal worth $400 million. If they want to make it a nine-year deal for jersey number reasons, then let’s kick it up to $450 million so Burrow never plays for another NFL franchise. The big key here is he is the type of quarterback that should break the bank and earn over $50 million in average annual value.

Because the Chargers could try to cut corners more than the Bengals would, they may try to give Herbert a similar deal with his AAV being closer to $47.5 million. While he could take the offer, we have seen negotiations break down and be long-drawn out with the Chargers before. Do you remember how painful it was to see Joey Bosa be the last first-round pick signed in his draft class?

Ultimately, I think Burrow, his representation and the Bengals brass will all work together in harmony to build something special to deliver all of Southern Ohio a Super Bowl championship. Burrow has one more year left on his rookie deal and the Bengals will have the franchise tag available if they need more time. Frankly, the sooner they pay him, the better off they will be.

We are looking at Burrow making $50 million annually and getting around an eight-year deal or so.

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