What are overtime rules in NBA Playoffs?

NBA overtime rule. (Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports)
NBA overtime rule. (Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports) /

What are the NBA overtime rules? The highest level of basketball gets even more dramatic when things aren’t decided after four quarters in the playoffs.

The NBA Playoffs are officially underway in 2023 with a bracket of 16 teams ready to compete for a championship.

Since it’s a special time for basketball, it’s worth asking if there are any special rules, especially when it comes to deciding games after four quarters have been played.

Overtime in the playoffs ramps up the drama, that’s for sure.

What are overtime rules in NBA Playoffs?

Overtime rules don’t change in the playoffs. They’re the same as in the regular-season.

As always, if the two teams facing off are tied when the final buzzer goes off, play continues with as many five-minute overtime periods are necessary.

After a 2:30 break, the start of overtime features a jump ball. Each team gets two timeouts for the period. Personal fouls from regulation carry over but team fouls reset. The first three non-shooting fouls result in inbounds plays. Team foul No. 4 and beyond results in free throws for the opposing team.

Replay review in the final two-minutes of play works the same as during regulation. Coaches can only challenge if they have one available.

There really isn’t a noticeable difference between rules in overtime versus regulation. Of course, you can expect the intensity of play to ramp up. With a win or a loss on the line, those five minutes can be high-octane. That’s the joy of playoff basketball.

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