Jets might slowly be realizing Aaron Rodgers isn’t worth it

Aaron Rodgers trade, Jets, Packers (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Aaron Rodgers trade, Jets, Packers (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

The New York Jets know quarterback Aaron Rodgers intends to play for them, but they are unwilling to pay the price that the Green Bay Packers are asking for.

The New York Jets saw how important the quarterback position was this past season, as insufficient play at the position played a significant role in them missing the playoffs.

They aimed for the biggest fish in the ocean, and that was Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. The Jets received permission to speak with him, and they received it prior to his announcement on “The Pat McAfee Show” that he intends to play for them in 2023. But, both teams have been unable to agree to the terms of a trade.

There is now a somewhat new update regarding trade talks, and what the Jets don’t want to give up.

NFL Network’s Peter Schrager revealed during the Apr. 11 episode of “The Season with Peter Schrager Podcast” that he was told by those not in either the Jets or Packers buildings that New York was unwilling to give up their 2023 first and second round picks. Schrager did say, however, that the Jets would be willing to give up a future first round pick that was conditional.

Jets unwilling to give up high 2023 draft picks for Aaron Rodgers

Here are Schrager’s full comments:

"“I was told from people not in either building that the Jets were looking to make a trade where it would not involve the first round pick, it would not involve both of the second-round picks, and it would involve a future first that was conditional, meaning ‘we gotta get something out of Rodgers, we can’t just get one year or a commitment to one season, there’s gotta be some sort of multiple-season commitment which a first-round pick is then triggered. If that two years or one-and-a-half years or whatever starts are required are not hit, then it remains a second- or third-round pick or whatever that is.”"

Let’s just say that the Packers and Jets are basically in a never-ending stare down, looking to see who blinks first and caves in to accept a trade. As of this writing, neither side has budged, with the debate of “who actually holds the leverage” continues.

Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson revealed during an appearance on ESPN’s Milwaukee “The Adam and Tausch Show” recently that Jets owner Woody Johnson is unwilling to give up a guaranteed first-round NFL Draft pick due to Rodgers’ comments that he was “90-percent” leaning towards retirement when entering his darkness retreat.

The Packers, per Robinson, were looking for a 2023 second-round pick and a guaranteed first-round pick in 2024 for Rodgers, and they would be willing to give the Jets a conditional pick in 2025 if the quarterback were to retire after the upcoming season.

So Rodgers’ comments about being close to retiring scared off the Jets from giving up a first-round pick to ensure they get a deal done.

The 2023 NFL Draft takes place from Apr. 27-29, and fans of both teams are going to be wondering if a trade can be agreed upon, especially if this year’s draft picks are involved. If no deal is completed, then we could be waiting until the summer before training camp to see if an agreement can be reached between the Jets and Packers.

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