Former Titans All-Pro to file lawsuit against doctors who performed ACL surgery

Taylor Lewan, Tennessee Titans. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Taylor Lewan, Tennessee Titans. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

Former Tennessee Titans star Taylor Lewan is suing the doctor who performed his ACL surgery.

There may be a reason why the Taylor Lewan we used to know has not been the same on the football field since COVID.

COVID brought out the worst in all of us. Stop lying to yourself, you know it’s true. It didn’t help me enjoy reading books, so I guess nothing ever will. But now that Lewan is out of a job in Nashville, we were all wondering why the former star offensive tackle for the Tennessee Titans hasn’t signed with a new team yet. There is a reason for this: His bum knee that he suing his doctor over.

Lewan announced on Bussin’ With the Boys that he has indeed filed a lawsuit with the entities who performed his ACL surgery back in October of 2020. The former blue-chipper out of Michigan and perennial All-Pro for the Titans has not been the same player since this knee surgery. He has a tremendous career ahead of him in the media world, but you have to feel for the boy and his knee.

I don’t know how much information will come out after the lawsuit has reached its conclusion, but I do know that great players like Lewan only have so long to make a living as professional athletes.

Former Tennessee Titans OT Taylor Lewan is suing doctor over his ACL surgery

Even with the many advances in modern medicine, it is not always a sure thing that even the best conditioned athletes bounce back from significant injuries such as these. The first name I can think of when it comes to poorly-repaired ACLs of late has to be Odell Beckham Jr. He played through one in his days with the Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Rams before tearing it again in 2021.

Beckham would have won Super Bowl 56 MVP had he stayed healthy, but that went to his former teammate Cooper Kupp in his second-half heroics vs. those feisty Cincinnati Bengals. He has resurfaced with the Baltimore Ravens, but the Charm City is a place where receivers go to die. Beckham may be elated about playing with Lamar Jackson, but that is how everyone feels initially.

As for Lewan, he had been the longest tenured Titans player prior to getting released. He was instrumental in them getting it turned around under head coach Mike Vrabel. With his former offensive coordinator Arthur Smith now running things in Atlanta, as well as former Titans front office executive Monti Ossenfort in charge in Arizona, Lewan seemed to have some landing spots.

Unfortunately for him, Lewan’s career could be winding down in his early 30s. Again, he has a lucrative career in the media space more than waiting for him. He and podcast partner Will Compton have been some of the most influential active athletes in this space. Bussin’ With the Boys transcends Barstool Sports, much like The Pat McAfee Show did before it went independent.

Now matter how things shake out for Lewan professionally, he will go down as one of the best players in Titans history. He played his tail off for years by helping cultivate an identity of toughness and integrity. Despite being a well-traveled man initially from Arizona, Lewan seemed to make it work for him in Nashville. Even as a large human being, Lewan remains very relatable.

May he be able to get financial relief to the burden he has felt in his knee for nearly three years.

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