Brandon Ryan is all about non-stop growth and personal evolution


Brandon Ryan has fought back against his limitations, living a life full of non-stop growth and personal evolution.

Brandon Ryan originally shared his story with Yoocan, a global collaborative community where people with disabilities share experiences and knowledge — so that no one feels alone. Yoocan and Why We Play are a natural match and overlap in the most important thing for our community INSPIRATION. FanSided is excited to partner with Yoocan and share some of their stories on our website — exciting and fantastic sports stories from people with disabilities. Come check out more of our joint material, and keep following for collaborations!

My name is Brandon Ryan, I am 32 years old, and I have been living with cerebral palsy all my life. Being that I was born at such a low birth weight, there was damage to the center ventricle of my brain. Doctors told my parents that my chances of survival were grim and if I did survive, then I would never be able to do everyday things on my own. Thankfully, both my parents and the majority of my family are very stubborn.

My mother would always tell me how she would walk to the hospital to make sure I was fed at night. While my father woke in the early hours of the morning to serve his country, my mom rose to make sure that both my sister and I were provided for. My father started me out in martial arts at a very early age. That and weight lifting. Those two areas of my life would quickly serve as outlets in my life and propel me to where I am now.

Not only have I lived with cerebral palsy my whole life, but I have grappled with both depression and anxiety. My mission in life is simply to bring hope, love, and joy to others through martial arts, self-defense, fitness and being able to encourage others in any way possible. I am the founder and owner of Adaptive Defense Methods, which is dedicated to teaching functional self-defense to people with adaptive and non-adaptive needs.

Through A.D.M. my team and I have been able to work with adaptive CrossFit athletes, retired and active military members and high-profile companies such as LinkedIn. When I am not teaching, I am either training in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, working on book projects or working with my coach at Crossfit Omaha. I’ve been an adaptive Crossfit Athlete for over three years and have been an inspiration for myself and the sport.

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