Cleveland Browns hint at new logo redesign: Is it real?

Cleveland Browns. (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns. (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Browns appear to be up to something on Twitter this particular Monday morning.

What if I told you the only NFL team without a logo might actually be getting one this offseason?

The Cleveland Browns were named after a person and have held onto their one-of-a-kind brown and orange color scheme way longer than anyone thought possible. Eventually, something would emerge that its fans would rally behind besides an orange helmet. As it turns out, they just needed more Dawgs. So with that came the Dawg Pound, the fanbase section where lives forever change.

While you were having some coffee, the Browns made it a point to be up to something on Twitter.

As it turns out, these are the five logos that are the finalists to represent the Dawg Pound now…

Can we make one of these the real thing and put it in the middle of the field like Brownie the Elf?

Cleveland Browns are changing their logo, but it is not in the way that you’d think

I wanted this to be realer than Evander “Real Deal” Holyfield. I have never been to Cleveland before, but I would go to a Browns game, just to look at this majestic masterpiece spray-painted on the 50-yard line some time in October. It would also give me an excuse to drink and bark at people, which are two incredible pastimes for those who have that Dawg living inside of them.

In reality, the Browns are always going to be the Browns, always tempting us with bulldog motifs. Nobody is trying to get on their turf with this. If they wanted to, they could go full-blown Dawg Pound with this, paying tribute to yesteryear’s Canton Bulldogs from right down the road. In a way, Dawg stuff always kind of suited the Browns, long before they ever even drafted Nick Chubb.

Truth be told, just get it right. People are going to have strong opinions on this tertiary, alternate logo and whatnot. It is hard to mess up a Dawg logo, but the Browns have a bad history of messing everything up, so I wouldn’t be shocked if they somehow blew this. Regardless, this is a cool thing to keep the fans engaged. They are not winning the division, but keep barking at people!

The only team who might sweep in and take the Dawgs moniker away from them is Philadelphia…

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