ACC football coach has a major beef with Coach Prime at Colorado

Deion Sanders, Colorado Buffaloes. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
Deion Sanders, Colorado Buffaloes. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) /

Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi is not a fan of how Deion Sanders is going about rebuilding his Colorado football program at all.

Pat Narduzzi is a good defensive mind, but an even better complainer.

The outspoken head coach of the Pittsburgh Panthers let it be known during the ACC spring meetings in Amelia Island, Florida last week that he is not down with what Deion Sanders is doing at Colorado. Whether it be Mel Tucker at Michigan State, Lincoln Riley at USC or Sanders at Colorado, Narduzzi clearly despises those who use the transfer portal to their distinct advantage.

Here is what Narduzzi told 247Sports’ Brandon Marcello about what he thinks about Coach Prime.

"“That’s not the way it’s meant to be. That’s not what the rule intended to be. It was not to overhaul your roster. We’ll see how it works out but that, to me, looks bad on college football coaches across the country. The reflection is on one guy right now but when you look at it overall — those kids that have moms and dads and brothers and sisters and goals in life — I don’t know how many of those 70 that left really wanted to leave or they were kicked in the butt to get out.”"

There is a loophole that allows first-year head coaches like Sanders to flip their roster. Essentially, he is afforded the right to cut players. It stinks for those kids, but he has to transform the worst Power Five program in the country, one that went 1-11 last season. Narduzzi is not afraid to ruffle some feathers with what he says to the media, just like Sanders is going to do his thing in Boulder.

As long as Sanders isn’t doing anything illegal, he should be able to build his program as he wants.

Pitt HC Pat Narduzzi not a fan of how Deion Sanders is rebuilding Colorado

Minding one’s own business is a great thing to do, but that’s not always fun. Colorado has been largely terrible for the better part of two decades. The Buffs haven’t been consistently good since Joel Klatt was their quarterback. Frankly, I would love to see CU return to prominence out west because who doesn’t want to see a top-25 program with a live buffalo running onto the field?

But I can understand why Narduzzi is upset. Pitt is not a part of the ACC’s Magnificent Seven, despite being a state school in a major football state. He is a good head coach, but he doesn’t seem to have the resources or the support Sanders is getting from his athletic director Rick George at Colorado. As long as George and Sanders are in lockstep, this thing just might work.

Overall, college football is becoming increasingly a professional business. No doubt, it can be brutal, as the have’s continue to separate from the have not’s. I mean, Pitt won the ACC two years ago. This isn’t like an impoverished P5 program. Colorado hasn’t won squat since I could shave. Outside of that one year under Mike MacIntyre with Sefo Liufau, what is Colorado football anyway?

One thing is for certain: Sanders will continue to be a lightning rod while he leads the Buffaloes.

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