Marcus Stroman blasts Mets ‘trash fanbase’

Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Marcus Stroman. (David Banks-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Marcus Stroman. (David Banks-USA TODAY Sports) /

Cubs pitcher Marcus Stroman doesn’t seem to have interest in making nice with Mets fans any time soon, calling New York a “trash fanbase” on Twitter.

The flashpoints between Marcus Stroman and the Mets are only getting hotter.

The former pitcher for New York is now slinging it for the Cubs, so the series between the two teams this week was sure to produce some drama and it certainly did.

Stroman demonstratively celebrated a double-play ball while facing off with the Mets on Wednesday, prompting an anonymous former teammate to reportedly comment, “Show some respect, be a professional. It isn’t all about you.”

If you know one thing about Stroman, it’s that he’s passionate and opinionated. His Twitter feed is now full of retweets of fans critiquing the Mets response and supporting the pitcher.

Stroman’s parting from the Mets wasn’t exactly amicable, in part because of the abuse, sometimes racial, he alleges he received at the hands fans. That history also came up in the aftermath of Wednesday’s drama.

Marcus Stroman called Mets a “trash fanbase”

When a Twitter user referenced some of that racial abuse, Stroman responded, “That’s the norm from that trash fanbase.”

Stroman also had words for Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, the radio host who was particularly critical of the pitcher’s show of emotion on the mound.

So yeah, blood between Stroman and the Mets is bad and it’s hard to see it getting better in the near future.

Many Mets fans don’t like Stroman and Stroman clearly doesn’t like them.

Stroman came out the winner this week, notching a 4-2 victory over his former team. He went eight innings, giving up two runs on four hits while walking two and striking out three.

The next time the Cubs and Mets are scheduled to meet is in August in New York. If Stroman is available to pitch then, there’s sure to be more drama.

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