Pete Alonso hit a home run on No. 1 pitch because he had to go No. 2

Pete Alonso, Mets (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Pete Alonso, Mets (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

Pete Alonso got the poops at the worst possible time. Luckily, it motivated him to hit a home run and end his at-bat as early as possible.

“This athlete had an ill-timed urge to poop while playing in a professional sports game,” might have had Jeopardy! contestants saying, “Who is Paul Pierce?” up until this week. But now, they could also guess, “Who is Pete Alonso?”

Fortunately for the New York Mets slugger, his incident is nowhere near as embarrassing as Pierce’s (alleged) poop ended up being. But it just might end up being as iconic.

Alonso recently appeared on a podcast, Foul Territory, and talked about a first-pitch home run he hit off Hunter Greene of the Cincinnati Reds.

Pete Alonso took a first pitch yard so he could use the bathroom

Here’s Alonso on the fateful home run:

"“I mistimed my pregame coffee. Mistimed it. I had it too close to game time, and then I’m running, doing my sprints and then I throw in the middle of the first inning, I’m like goodness gracious, I… this is not good. So I was hitting the top of the second, I was leading off the inning, and I said I don’t care where this pitch is, this at-bat is ending first pitch. Because I need to go,” Alonso said to the Foul Territory podcast, H/T NY Post."

“As soon as I touched home plate, it was straight to the bathroom. No high-fives,” Alonso explained.

The alternative would have been really bad.

“If I had to run the bases, honestly, I would have gotten picked off on purpose or something, because I had to go so bad.”

This is basically the equivalent of getting your coffee poops while on your morning commute, or in your first important meeting of the day. It’s not good, and it seldom leads to anything less than an embarrassing scurry out of the conference room.

But Alonso turned crud into gold by using his nature calls moment to find the first pitch and take it yard. If you have to go, why wait?

Next time you want to answer “yes” with some attitude, you can now use, “Does a Polar Bear poop in the clubhouse?”

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