Nebraska football will be anything but comfy during fall camp

Matt Rhule, Nebraska Cornhuskers. (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)
Matt Rhule, Nebraska Cornhuskers. (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images) /

Matt Rhule is going back to the basics when it comes to what Nebraska football’s fall camp will look like.

While we all Remember the Titans, maybe one day soon we will Remember the Huskers?

With Matt Rhule taking over in Lincoln, the Nebraska football head coach is having his players and staff live in the Selleck Quadrangle Dorm on campus, as opposed to staying in their homes and apartments, for training camp. It will be about 12 to 14 days of this program really getting to know each other. Maybe it’ll work out for the Cornhuskers so they can return to their former glory soon?

Here is what Rhule told Husker Online about the plans for his team heading into fall camp in a bit.

"“We are going old school. We are moving into the dorms on campus — coaches, too. Nobody is living in their apartment for 12 days to two weeks. I’m really grateful to (University) Housing for letting us do that. We are going to move back on campus, and we are going to build a team. We report July 30 and we start the first practice on July 31 and classes start Aug. 21 and we play Aug. 31.”"

It may not be an overnight turnaround, but past results indicate Rhule will get this right in Lincoln.

Matt Rhule to have Nebraska football team staying in the dorms for fall camp

Football players staying in the dorms may not sound like a big deal to outsiders, but you have to remember this one important fact about Division I athletes and the rest of the student body. When you are a football player, you get to stay in nicer dorms than a normal freshman would. They get preferential treatment in a lot of ways over the rest of the student body, so this is understandable.

While I don’t know if this gimmicky tactic is going to work, I appreciate Rhule and his staff for trying to get back to the basics in an effort to rebuild this downtrodden blue-blooded program from the ground up. Nebraska may never get back to winning national titles, but the Cornhuskers can take a page out of what is working very well for Josh Heupel and his Tennessee Volunteers.

In time, we could see Nebraska get back to being a 9-3, 10-2-caliber football team. That should be good enough to contend for postseason berths in an expanded College Football Playoff. Recruiting and a lack of in-state talent will always be to Rhule’s team’s disadvantage, but it is not like he did not win prolifically at Baylor previously and Temple before that. He should have success in Lincoln.

Nothing says back to the basics than being in a hot dorm with bed-side fan trying to keep you cool.

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