EXCLUSIVE Caesars MLB Promo Earns $1,250 Bonus for FanSided Readers


Months remain in the MLB season this summer which means there’s still time to place a futures bet on your favorite team.

If you sign up with Caesars Sportsbook, you’ll get a second chance if you miss for up to $1,250! 

Keep reading to learn how you can secure the backing of Caesars in minutes today.

Caesars MLB Promo

If you miss your first bet at Caesars Sportsbook, you’ll be issued a full refund in bonus bets matching what you risked for up to $1,250 – as long as you follow our step-by-step instructions.

Here’s how you can claim your second-chance bonus:

  1. Sign up with Caesars Sportsbook
  2. Use our promo code FanSidedFULL
  3. Verify your identity and location
  4. Deposit $10 or more

That’s all there is to it.

Once you’ve signed up, used our promo code and deposited $10 or more, your first bet at Caesars will be protected with house credit.

Now let’s figure out how to best use this opportunity.

MLB 2023 Futures Bets

There are tons of fun ways to back your favorite team at Caesars Sportsbook, including futures bets – wagers that won’t be immediately settled.

You could bet on your team to win a certain amount of games, make the playoffs, win their division, win the World Series and more!

The best part about bets like these is that many of them come with plus-odds.

For instance, even the favorite to win the World Series, the Atlanta Braves, are listed at +400 odds! If you used the full backing of Caesars and wagered $1,250 on the Braves, you’d profit $5,000 if they won!

If not, you’d be issued a bonus-bet refund for another shot.

Regardless of which team you decide to back, do it at Caesars so you’ll have another chance if you lose. 

Game odds refresh periodically and are subject to change.