Aaron Rodgers uses Websters in the best and worst speech of all-time

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers. (John Jones-USA TODAY Sports)
New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers. (John Jones-USA TODAY Sports) /

Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers went on a bizarre tangent about spells and spelling while speaking psychedelics conference.

Aaron Rodgers is an interesting dude. He’s a great quarterback too. But lately the “interesting” has overshadowed the “quarterbacking.”

Where Rodgers used to be considered mainly as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Now his legacy has been warped by a string of weirdness going back to his days in Green Bay.

This past week, the Jets quarterback appeared at a psychedelics conference in Denver and continue to build on the perception that he’s a bit odd.

Aaron Rodgers drops memorable quote at psychedelics conference

“You know words are so interesting.,” Rodgers said, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. “They have such power in their spells. There’s a reason it’s called ‘spelling,’ because the way that the letters are put together have such power.”

That’s certainly an observation from Rodgers. Part shower thoughts, part galaxy brain. All Aaron Rodgers

Yeah, words have power. That’s a true statement, if not particularly inspired. And the way words can be woven can be manipulated, like when you say something in a very particular way so you manage to obscure the fact that you haven’t received a vaccination for COVID-19, for instance.

As for the true etymology of “spell” and “spelling” that’s probably best left to the linguists out there.

Either way, Rodgers is who he is and he’s going to keep dropping quotes of an interesting nature because that’s just what he does. In this case, it was harmless and mostly funny.

Rodgers can spend his free time advocating for psychedelics but eventually he’ll have to turn his attention back to football. He’s facing massive expectations in New York with the Jets. We’ll see how he handles all that this fall.

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