MLB standings by last time teams had a player hit for the cycle

Elly De La Cruz, Cincinnati Reds (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Elly De La Cruz, Cincinnati Reds (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

There are few more impressive individual feats in the game of baseball than hitting for the cycle. Here are the MLB standings by the last time each team had a player enter achieve that feat. 

Elly De La Cruz hit for the cycle last Friday, the latest in an impressive string of individual accomplishments to start his MLB career. The Cincinnati Reds’ rookie is, remarkably, the fourth player this season to hit a single, double, triple, and home run in the same game.

These days, it feels like players are making history every other night. While De La Cruz is the latest player to join the exclusive cycle club (which currently consists of 343 members, with a few repeats), he certainly won’t be the last.

Five players joined the club in 2022. Four others did in 2021. With so many new cyclers emerging around the league, here’s an updated look at the MLB standings by the last time a team had a player hit for the cycle.

MLB standings by last time each MLB team had a player hit for the cycle

  1. Cincinatti Reds (2023)
  2. Philadelphia Phillies (2023)
  3. Baltimore Orioles (2023)
  4. Miami Marlins (2023)
  5. St. Louis Cardinals (2022)
  6. Los Angeles Angels (2022)
  7. New York Mets (2022)
  8. Milwaukee Brewers (2022)
  9. Atlanta Braves (2021)
  10. San Diego Padres (2021)
  11. Washington Nationals (2021)
  12. Toronto Blue Jays (2019)
  13. Minnesota Twins (2019)
  14. Cleveland Guardians (2019)
  15. Colorado Rockies (2018)
  16. Boston Red Sox (2018)
  17. Texas Rangers (2017)
  18. Tampa Bay Rays (2017)
  19. Los Angeles Dodgers (2017)
  20. Chicago White Sox (2017)
  21. Pittsburgh Pirates (2016)
  22. Houston Astros (2013)
  23. Arizona Diamondbacks (2012)
  24. San Francisco Giants (2011)
  25. New York Yankees (2009)
  26. Seattle Mariners (2008)
  27. Oakland Athletics (2007)
  28. Detroit Tigers (2006)
  29. Chicago Cubs (1993)
  30. Kansas City Royals (1990)

These standings are very rapidly becoming saturated with recent achievers, which speaks to the talent level currently on display across the league.

Philadelphia’s J.T. Realmuto, Baltimore’s Cedric Mullins, and Miami’s Luis Arraez are the other players alongside Elly De La Cruz to crack the cycle this season. Arraez became the first player in Marlins history to hit for the cycle, ending Miami’s 30-year reign as the only team left without a player in the cycle club.

We’re only halfway through the season, so there’s still ample time for teams to jump forward in the standings. The MLB has rarely had such a strong collection of bats. Balls are flyin’ fast and furious, players are legging out extra-base hits, and teams are investing more money than ever on the offensive end.

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