Grant Park 220 Ticket prices: How much does it cost to attend?

NASCAR Chicago, Grant Park 220 ticket prices (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
NASCAR Chicago, Grant Park 220 ticket prices (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /

NASCAR hits downtown Chicago for the first-ever Grant Park 220 this weekend. How much does it cost to get in and see the unique track in action?

NASCAR is hitting the streets for the first time ever this weekend, selecting Chicago as its choice of city to run stock cars on a new surface. While street racing is common throughout the season for other sects of motorsports like Formula One, NASCAR has yet to hold a street race… Until now.

Grant Park 220 in downtown Chicago will be historic, regardless of what happens this weekend. There will be an Xfinity race on Saturday and a Cup Series race on Sunday.

It’s quite likely this race will be the start of a completely new era for NASCAR that features a street race or two on the annual calendar. Or it will be a disaster and a one-time go.

For fans who want to be able to say, “I was there!” for the history whichever way it falls, here’s how much it’ll cost them to get in.

How much does it cost to attend The Loop 121?

The Loop 121 will run on the same track that the Cup Series race the following day runs on.

Available tickets leading up to the weekend on the aftermarket ranged from anywhere between $225 to just above $1,000.

How much does it cost to attend Grant Park 220?

Tickets for this race started at $220, and aftermarket listings have been seen that topped $2,000.

Plenty of tickets for a combination of Saturday and Sunday are still available for sale, with most of the tickets on the lower end falling in the $220-285 range before taxes. They started at $269, and premium tickets for the two-day experience started at $465.

Where are fans sitting during NASCAR Chicago street race?

There is plenty of seating that has been built in downtown Chicago for the two races that will take place there this weekend. Clubs and suites along the pit lane and between the first and second turns are the most expensive. Lakefront Green inside Grant Park is an open area with a concert stage that won’t have much visibility into the track due to trees separating the track and park.

No seating is available around turns three, four, five, or six, which traverse around Grant Park. After crossing Wells Street, turn seven brings two more areas of club seating, with bleacher seating right after at turns eight through 11. The 12th turn comes back to pit road and the start of the race.

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