NBA Free Agency 2023: 3 landing spots for Draymond Green you never thought of

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Wild-card landing spots for Draymond Green: 1. Indiana Pacers

Now we’re getting crazy, but, Draymond Green could be the answer to the Indiana Pacer’s defensive woes. Even though it sounds impossible, here’s what it would take to have this happen:

First, Draymond would have to decline his $27.6 million player option. Go ahead, check that off the list, because that’s already done. Next, Dray would have to enjoy playing beside an all-star point guard. One with incredible shooting talent and vision. Tyrese Haliburton? You heard of him? Once again, good to go there.

Forget about the small market and big market jargon for just a second. Through a strict basketball lens, this move really does work. Last season, The Pacers gave up 119.5 points per game to opponents, the second most in the NBA. As a free agent, Green has everything this young Pacers team lacks. He’s a proven defensive expert and a veteran leader. Prying Green away from Golden State isn’t going to be easy, but at the end of the day, money talks and Draymond Green’s camp listens. Not to mention, Indiana has the cap space to get Green’s attention.

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