Immaculate Grid baseball: Answers, connections for Grid 93 (July 5)

Marcus Stroman (Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports)
Marcus Stroman (Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports) /

Another day, another grid. Here are the top answers for the 93rd version of the Immaculate Grid including the Orioles, Cubs, Guardians, Mets and Mariners. 

Today’s grid features the Baltimore Orioles, Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Guardians, New York Mets and Seattle Mariners. The only statistical column/row is the right-most column of .300 batting average in a season or better.

Here are the top answers for Wednesday’s game as well as some possible additional connections.

As always, I highly recommend you give the game a go before checking the answer sheet.

Immaculate Grid 93: Top answers and connections for each square (July 5)

I was honestly surprised to see Marcus Stroman omitted from top answers for Mets/Cubs. While Javier Baez is a far more recognizable Cub, I chose Stroman for the same reason I picked Mancini: He currently plays for Chicago, so he was front of mind.

Ripken is a solid easy pick at grid three. Same with Suzuki at grid nine.

I struggled to identify Francisco Lindor and Jeff McNeil at grids five and six which is what I’ll be thinking about for the rest of the day.

  1. Orioles/Cubs: Trey Mancini (32%)
  2. Orioles/Guardians: Jim Thorpe (20%)
  3. Orioles/BA over .300: Cal Ripken Jr. (55%)
  4. Mets/Cubs: Javier Baez (33%)
  5. Mets/Guardians: Francisco Lindor (48%)
  6. Mets/BA over .300: Jeff McNeil (26%)
  7. Mariners/Cubs: Jamie Moyer (25%)
  8. Mariners/Guardians: Carlos Santana (33%)
  9. Mariners/BA over .300: Ichiro Suzuki (47%)

Players that played for Orioles, Cubs, Guardians, Guardians, Mets, Mariners

No player is so traveled that they fit today’s team-by-team grids regardless of where you put them.

Players that played for Orioles and Cubs

Easy to forget that Sammy Sosa played a season with the Orioles toward the end of his career.

  • Sammy Sosa
  • Manny Alexander
  • Derek Lee
  • Rafael Palmeiro
  • Corey Patterson

Players that played for Orioles and Guardians

Baby Doll Jacobson made it in our list on July 3 as well. Jacobson is a worthy prayer guess anytime the Orioles come up because he played for four other teams across 11 seasons and was a really solid hitter.

  • Baby Doll Jacobson
  • Boog Powell
  • Eddie Murray
  • Brady Anderson
  • Russ Snyder

Players that played for Orioles and had .300+ season batting average

Here are some of the Orioles who have accomplished that feat in Baltimore:

  • Heinie Manush
  • George Sisler
  • Ken Williams
  • Jack Tobin
  • Goose Goslin

Players that played for Mets and Cubs

Mets and Cubs have had a good bit of crossover over the years. Here are five players:

  • Javier Baez
  • Don Zimmer
  • Howard Johnson
  • Jim Hickman
  • Angel Pagan

Players that played for Mets and Guardians

Here are five players that have made stops in Queens and Cleveland:

  • Francisco Lindor
  • Asdrubal Cabrera
  • Amed Rosario
  • Julio Franco
  • Carlos Baegra

Players that played for Mets and had .300+ season batting average

Special thanks to our good friend Tim Boyle over at Rising Apple for three very low-key answers here. 

  • John Olerud
  • Jeff McNeil
  • Joe Christopher
  • Lenny Randle
  • Hubie Brooks

Players that played for Mariners and Cubs

Five Seattle and Chicago stoppers:

  • Henry Cotto
  • Domingo Ramos
  • Larry Cox
  • Steve Henderson
  • John Mabry

Players that played for Mariners and Guardians

Five players who have suited up for the Pacific Northwest team and the midwestern Guardians:

  • Carlos Santana
  • Edwin Encarnacion
  • Shin-Soo Choo
  • Paul Sorrento
  • Richie Sexson

Players that played for Mariners and .300+ season batting average

Just four players (that are rate qualifiers) have accomplished this feat for the Seattle Mariners:

  • Ichiro Suzuki
  • Edgar Martinez
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • Phil Bradley

Immaculate Grid 93 results using the bolded answers above:

The last two days I’ve been trying to make things interesting by guessing the answers that would achieve the lowest possible rarity score. After a 10 yesterday, I scored a nine today.

I thought about using A-Rod in the final square thinking everyone will have gone Suzuki, but went with Bradley instead. Smart choice, that was 0.1%.

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