Brett Yormark takes vicious shot at Texas and Oklahoma ahead of Big 12 departure

Brett Yormark. (Photo by Edward Diller/Getty Images)
Brett Yormark. (Photo by Edward Diller/Getty Images) /

Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark made it abundantly clear how he feels about Texas and Oklahoma leaving his conference after this upcoming scholastic year.

We cannot wait for the Big 12-Oklahoma/Texas divorce to be finalized in a little less than a year.

During Big 12 Media Days, conference commissioner Brett Yormark was front and center, discussing the overall health of his league. While there are so many positive things to say about this conference these days, the elephant in the room remains: Long-time conference pillars Oklahoma and Texas are leaving for the SEC on July 1, 2024. This year will be so very awkward…

When asked about departing Oklahoma and Texas “carrying the conference” in terms of recruitment, Yormark jumped off the top rope with this gem. “I don’t think they’ve carried the conference in recruiting. They haven’t been in our championship game the past few years.”

Since the Big 12 Championship Game came back into being in 2017, Texas has only been to Arlington once. The Longhorns lost to Oklahoma in 2018. While OU has been the best program in the Big 12 since its inception in the mid-1990s, the Sooners haven’t been to the conference title bout since 2020. Last year, it was Kansas State over TCU. In 2021, it was Baylor over Oklahoma State.

That right there is why Yormark’s conference is in such a healthy spot right now than ever before…

Brett Yormark kicks Texas, Oklahoma on the way out door at Big 12 Media Days

Even with Oklahoma and Texas leaving for the SEC next season, the Big 12 just added four outstanding new conference members in BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF. You are talking about getting three public universities from massive metro areas, as well as a passionate, nationwide fanbase with an LDS following. All four are pulling in the same direction as the remaining eight.

Despite losing traditional powers to the SEC, the Big 12 should be good enough in a 12-team College Football Playoff of getting in at least two teams annually. In fact, had the 12-team format been implemented the three previous seasons, all six conference finalists would have made it in. Of the six teams, only Oklahoma is a traditional power. Iowa State would have made it in 2020…

Again, we are talking about 12 programs who want to be in this conference and want this conference to do well. The best part in all this is there is somewhat of a power vacancy up for grabs. So who wants it? I think Houston and Oklahoma State are in great spots from a donor perspective. K-State is another one to watch, as well as potentially a Baylor or even a Texas Tech.

Overall, recruitment will improve at the remaining 12 member institutions because the league is going to be so got dam competitive. Prospective high school recruits may covet Big Ten and SEC scholarships the most, but to have a pretty realistic opportunity at playing for a conference championship at least once in a four-year cycle at any of these schools is nothing to sneeze at.

Outside of West Virginia, you could say all 11 other member programs are in fantastic spots now.

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