Atlanta Braves’ Udonis Haslem Charlie Culberson delivers in the clutch

Charlie Culberson, Atlanta Braves. (Photo by Matthew Grimes Jr./Atlanta Braves/Getty Images)
Charlie Culberson, Atlanta Braves. (Photo by Matthew Grimes Jr./Atlanta Braves/Getty Images) /

Charlie Culberson reached on an infield single in his first game back with the Atlanta Braves.

Sometimes, you just need an opportunity, man…

It had been six weeks since Charlie Culberson started riding pine for a living in the Atlanta Braves‘ dugout. The Dansby Swanson lookalike had been up and down in the Braves’ organization all season, but never appeared in a game for the best team in baseball up to this point. In a blowout loss and the Braves’ first series loss in months, Culberson got his golden opportunity for Atlanta.

It was his first appearance at Truist Park in front of fans since before COVID happened in … 2019.

There have been so many really cool moments for the Braves this year, but this one was amazing.

These are the type of great moments that make us coming back to baseball, time and time again.

Charlie Culberson is to the Atlanta Braves as Udonis Haslem is to the Miami Heat

What made this moment so very special is what it made up for. On Father’s Day, Culberson was supposed to catch the first pitch from his dad at Truist Park. Unfortunately, the timing was not right, and he got sent down to Triple-A Gwinnett. Although the Calhoun native did not get to share that moment with his dad in Atlanta, I think this will be a cool moment that he will cherish forever.

We always pull for the hometown hero, but everyone’s journey is different. Culberson is never going to be an All-Star, and he’s probably only going to play for the Braves a few more times this season. He’s not Stockbridge native Michael Harris II or Lilburn native Matt Olson, but damn, he is one of us! Culberson is Braves Country, even when he is not even playing for his hometown team.

It may have been a crappy game for the Braves on Sunday afternoon, but they can always look back at this moment and draw some more inspiration when times get tough. Saturday night’s loss coupled with this one gives the Braves a rare losing streak. You can’t possibly win ’em all, but the Braves will certainly try to. Even in defeat, you can’t be defeated. Just look at how happy he was…

Congratulations on hitting one of the most gratifying hits of your entire big-league career, Charlie!

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