NFL Power Rankings: Who is the best quarterback in each division?

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. (
Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. ( /
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NFL Power Rankings, Jared Goff
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NFL power rankings: Quarterbacks in the NFC North

  1. Jared Goff
  2. Kirk Cousins
  3. Jordan Love
  4. Justin Fields

Ah, here’s where the controversy really ramps up. The NFC North boils down to a preference between Jared Goff or Kirk Cousins, with Jordan Love and Justin Fields waiting in the wings to prove they belong in the discussion. Right now they don’t.

Goff gets the nod. He threw the same number of touchdowns and half as many interceptions as Cousins in 2022. He also had a better passer rating and did a better job of avoiding sacks. The Lions quarterback is leading a team on the rise and it’s going to be fun to watch him with the full backing of Detroit.

Cousins is cursed as a good but never great quarterback. He can put up excellent numbers but there always seems to be something missing. Still, 4,547 yards through the air is nothing to scoff at.

Fields has had more opportunities to show us what he does and doesn’t do well, and that’s working against him relative to Love, who has made minimal appearances. Still, Love acquitted himself well last year when he was called upon and chances are he’ll be serviceable for the Packers this year.

As for Fields, his touchdown rate of 5.3 percent and interception rate of 3.5, both division highs, say it all. He’s feast or famine. If he settles down and cuts out the turnovers in 2023, he’ll rise.