MLB rumors: Cashman in the way, Mariners minds made up, sellers cash in, more

Tim Anderson, Chicago White Sox (Photo by Matthew Grimes Jr./Atlanta Braves/Getty Images)
Tim Anderson, Chicago White Sox (Photo by Matthew Grimes Jr./Atlanta Braves/Getty Images) /
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MLB Rumors: Trade deadline sellers will cash in big time

The Aug. 1 MLB trade deadline is right around the corner, which means teams are essentially deciding between three potential options: buy, sell, or stand pat.

Teams who have underperformed are looking to get off bad money and reset for next season. Teams in and around the contenders’ circle are either keeping their crew together or looking to make moves to improve.


Houston Astros GM Dana Brown spoke to reporters and provided insight into the current dynamics of the deadline market.

This is Economics 101, folks. Low supply and high demand creates a difficult market for buyers and a fruitful market for sellers. Just ask the Mets, who already received a top-50 prospect for 38-year-old Max Scherzer.

With a number of teams right on the postseason fringe, the number of potential sellers is dwindling by the hour. The Chicago Cubs were initially expected to clean house but now appear committed to improving for the stretch run. The Los Angeles Angels were once expected to sell on arguably the greatest player of all time. Not anymore. Teams are being aggressive and jockeying for limited postseason spots.

That is, of course, great for the competitive spirit of the game. It also increases the intrigue around the trades that do get made, as teams will have to truly give something to get something. We should expect a few eye-popping packages before all is said and done.