Toasty-ish Buns: 5 college football coaches who could end up on the hot seat in 2023

Ryan Day, Ohio State Buckeyes. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Ryan Day, Ohio State Buckeyes. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /
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Ryan Day, Ohio State Buckeyes
Ryan Day, Ohio State Buckeyes. (Photo by Ben Jackson/Getty Images) /

Ryan Day must do everything in his power to not become the next John Cooper

In pretty much every other circumstance, Ryan Day would not even be on this list! But here we are… Ohio State was one bad quarter away vs. Georgia from probably winning a national title. The Buckeyes have been close but no cigar under Day’s watch far too often. Too bad close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Ohio State has not beaten arch-rival Michigan since COVID hit.

Day occupies very rare air in college football. He could be leading the next national champions for all we know. Of any Power Five head coach who has never won it all before, he might be the likeliest to cross is name off the list first. Conversely, a third straight Michigan loss, combined with a clunker vs. someone of high caliber like Penn State, and Columbus could be on fire Thanksgiving.

Look. I don’t want Day to be fired, and neither should you. However, Day landed arguably the best job in college football when Urban Meyer retired. He may think he hit a triple, but he was largely born on third base with this Buckeyes gig. The expectations are borderline ridiculous for Ohio State fans, but the program has a reputation to uphold. This is the best program outside of the SEC, y’all.

For any coach who is not likely to be fired, Day certainly carries the greatest amount of pressure.