Hottest take: NFL pundit disrespects Jalen Hurts with Justin Fields comment

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

James Jones wants everyone to know how much more talented Justin Fields is over Jalen Hurts.

There is Jalen Hurts slander, and there is whatever James Jones said on Speak last week to defend Justin Fields to the highest honor in the most clueless fashion possible.

We are at that point of the offseason where talent is everything, the end-all, be-all, if you will. It should not matter that the Chicago Bears have essentially been dog water ever since they traded up to draft Fields out of Ohio State two years ago, he is just so much ungodly better than Hurts. For Hurts, it has to hurt. I mean, he was only an NFL MVP candidate for last year’s NFC champions.

How badly do you hate yourself? Watch this video as a non-Bears fan and see if you still have a head, or if it explodes off your neck into a fiery blaze based on listening to so much stupidity. The Philadelphia Eagles finished 15 places better than the Bears in the same NFC last season! JFC…

Only the finest and most supreme quarterbacking talents lose out college battles to Jake Fromm…

James Jones defends Justin Fields’ honor, while piling on the Jalen Hurts hate

Not until Ryan Poles and Kevin Warren are out of the building am I going to buy into anything the Bears do as a franchise. Heck, The McCaskeys probably need to sell the team to people who don’t think 1985 was the greatest year in human history. I feel for Fields. He has no help in Chicago. I’m sure walking into Halas Hall is like being smacked in the face with a brick and being told to smile!

Believe me, I really wish the Bears knew how to handle Fields with care, but we’ve seen them wreck one quarterback prospect after another. Eventually, we just need to stop letting them have quarterbacks and have the NFL force them to run the triple-option out of extreme negligence. In the meantime, let’s not marginalize all that Hurts has done at the collegiate level or in the pros.

It is blowing my mind like an M. Night Shyamalan movie over how many NFL pundits like Jones have the audacity to slander the most beloved college quarterback of all time. Everyone at Alabama and Oklahoma adores Hurts, and everyone else who watched him play for the Crimson Tide and the Sooners all respect him. He also beat out Mr. Unlikable Carson Wentz in Philadelphia.

Unlike Fields, Hurts wasn’t a first-round pick. Many people thought Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson reached on him in the second round in 2020. I mean, they still had Wentz who was super fantastic for 12 games in 2017. Sadly enough, Pederson knew what he had in Hurts and was fired for telling Wentz to take a hike. He is now thriving in Duval with one Trevor Lawrence.

For Hurts to lead an Eagles that two years ago was seen as the worst team in the NFC entering the 2021 season to the Super Bowl last year is nothing short of remarkable. The only other quarterback I have seen do this in recent years was Joe Burrow to the awful Cincinnati Bengals. But go ahead and tell me how talented Fields is. He couldn’t beat out Jake Fromm State Farm…

Yes, I would love to be proven wrong if the Bears were to somehow win their division this season by going 10-7 in the worst NFC North I have seen since realignment. If they get to the NFC Championship Game and lose to the San Francisco 49ers, that’s one thing. But if they were to meet the reigning conference champions in Philadelphia, then I know who is going to Las Vegas.

Saying that Hurts isn’t a good quarterback is like saying water isn’t wet and gravity doesn’t work.

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