Ryan Clark doubled down on his scorching hot Justin Jefferson-George Pickens take

Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings. (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings. (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /

Ryan Clark 100 percent believes Pittsburgh Steelers up-and-coming star George Pickens is more talented than the best wide receiver in the NFL in the Minnesota Vikings’ Justin Jefferson.

Ryan Clark has us up in arms over his comparison of two NFL wide receivers in George Pickens of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Justin Jefferson of the Minnesota Vikings.

The former Steelers defensive back said that “George Pickens is more talented than Justin Jefferson”. I mean, I did watch Pickens sort of star at my alma mater for three years at Georgia, but he never even came close to matching what Jefferson did during the 2019 college season for LSU, as well as what he has done so far in his brief, but sensational career for the Vikings. What gives?

While I have no problem with Clark making such a statement, people who live online do not seem to understand the difference between “most talented” and “the best”. You are never going to win…

And even if Pickens were to be somewhat more talented the Jefferson, guess what? Talent is about as useless as potential. Eventually, all that talent has to translate into overall productivity.

The bigger question we have to ask is if Kenny Pickett can help Pickens seize all of his potential?

Ryan Clark says George Pickens is a more talented WR than Justin Jefferson

Interestingly enough, there are favorable comparisons to the two supremely talented wide receivers. Both starred at SEC blue-bloods and went to historically well-run northern NFL franchises. Their starting quarterbacks are good, but not great. Kirk Cousins has tapped into all of his potential coming out of Michigan State, while Pickett looks to do that in Pittsburgh out of Pitt.

Where I think Jefferson has the clear and decided edge over Pickens is he is far more capable of making his Vikings offense tick than Pickens can with the Steelers. Sure, I remember Pickens’ otherworldly Sugar Bowl performance vs. Baylor when he was still at UGA, but that also happened right before COVID. Jefferson has seemingly gone off every season since the 2019 LSU campaign.

Overall, we are just going to have to see this play out on the field. Truth be told, having a star wide receiver is great, but despite Julio Jones playing out of his mind in Super Bowl 51, the Atlanta Falcons lost to the New England Patriots because Matt Ryan could never get on Tom Brady’s level and stay there. Wide receivers are way more than icing, but it is still a quarterback-driven league.

Jefferson may be the better receiver, and more talented, but Pickens could be catching up to him.

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